Echoes de Luxe
"Echoes de Luxe capture the sexy, sultry way that rock music can be twisted to drag their listeners in" [Read More...]
CD REVIEW: Echoes Deluxe “Hold On EP”
These six songs are some kind of crazy Beatles-like pop rock mixed with the sounds of Friday Night Lights and I don’t even know what else, but it is engaging.
'Hold On' EP Review
"The title track for Echoes De Luxe up and coming sophomore EP Hold On is mesmerizing to say the least. From note one, it takes me to a place that doesn’t exist in my daily realm of tasks and to do’s. It literally floats all around me..." [Read More...]
Ears Wide Open: Echoes de Luxe
“Offering a little something for everyone, the EP’s title track gently pushes and pulls while songs like 'Don’t Change' pummels through with raucous rhythms and wailing guitar." [Read More...]
Echoes de Luxe: Hold On
Echoes de Luxe’s Hold On is for people who like The Killers (if you didn’t pick up on that before), as well as The Filthy Pillows and Apple Horse. Hold On is available now for those who want music that’s attractive, but has a sense of disturbing drama to it.
2012 Candy-October
This is a beautiful piece of music with captivating vocals. It's got into my head, please feel free to welcome it in to yours.
MUSIC: Echoes de Luxe “The NotreMonde Demos” Free Download
"...the band’s mix of electronic texturing mixed with shifting rhythms, solid guitar playing, and contemplative lyrics make for post-Floyd space rock with enough space to move into various other sonic spaces at will." [Read More...]
Echoes de Luxe-The NotreMonde Demos
“…a savage regard for dangerous Rock`N`Roll melodies and hard hitting rhythms. Here all major Rock influences are tweaked with purpose and drive, one minute your`re long hair, leather and eye-liner, the next is a laser light fury and stoners delight.” [Read More...]