Echoes de Luxe
"Echoes de Luxe capture the sexy, sultry way that rock music can be twisted to drag their listeners in" [Read More...]
CD REVIEW: Echoes Deluxe “Hold On EP”
These six songs are some kind of crazy Beatles-like pop rock mixed with the sounds of Friday Night Lights and I don’t even know what else, but it is engaging.
'Hold On' EP Review
"The title track for Echoes De Luxe up and coming sophomore EP Hold On is mesmerizing to say the least. From note one, it takes me to a place that doesn’t exist in my daily realm of tasks and to do’s. It literally floats all around me..." [Read More...]
Ears Wide Open: Echoes de Luxe
“Offering a little something for everyone, the EP’s title track gently pushes and pulls while songs like 'Don’t Change' pummels through with raucous rhythms and wailing guitar." [Read More...]
Echoes de Luxe: Hold On
Echoes de Luxe’s Hold On is for people who like The Killers (if you didn’t pick up on that before), as well as The Filthy Pillows and Apple Horse. Hold On is available now for those who want music that’s attractive, but has a sense of disturbing drama to it.
2012 Candy-October
This is a beautiful piece of music with captivating vocals. It's got into my head, please feel free to welcome it in to yours.
Free Download For `The Ride` From The New Eagerly Awaited EP
"Disconcertingly confident and melodically unbroken, these Los Angeles based Dream-Rock visionaries define the pure nature of current independent music

Indie aftershock or mainline Rock N`Roll, Echoes de Luxe open the experimental musical door with very subtle 20lb sledgehammer" [Read More...]
Echoes de Luxe Live in Concert at the Satellite
"On Monday, October 26, 2011, Echoes de Luxe played a classy and resonating live show while bathed in red at The Satellite in Los Angeles, California." [Read More...]
50 COUCHES IN 50 NIGHTS PARTY SUNDAY! « 50 couches in 50 nights's Blog
ECHOES DE LUXE will playing some brand new songs(!!!!) and take the stage after that. DJ CHRISTMAS CLEARY will be rockin' the tunes all night. The Unstoppable JEFFREY DAMNIT will be your through this musical adventures and we will have ...
FourFour Hooks Up with ArtistData, Delivers New Way for Bands to ...
... including master slide guitarist Roy Rogers, American folk icon Ramblin' Jack Elliott, progressive metal innovators Voivod, LA hip-hop band Audible Mainframe, and one of Dave Navarro's favorite new rock acts, Echoes de Luxe. ...
What Cool Shows Are Going On This Week in LA? (Dec. 13 – 19, 2010 ...
The Troubadour; A Fine Frenzy: A Christmas Show @ The Troubadour; 50 Couches in 50 Nights: A Holiday Benefit Event featuring Echoes de Luxe, Ball and Chain and DJ Christmas Cleary @ The Dragonfly (only $5); (FREE) KITTEN, ...
MUSIC: Echoes de Luxe “The NotreMonde Demos” Free Download
"...the band’s mix of electronic texturing mixed with shifting rhythms, solid guitar playing, and contemplative lyrics make for post-Floyd space rock with enough space to move into various other sonic spaces at will." [Read More...]
Echoes de Luxe-The NotreMonde Demos
“…a savage regard for dangerous Rock`N`Roll melodies and hard hitting rhythms. Here all major Rock influences are tweaked with purpose and drive, one minute your`re long hair, leather and eye-liner, the next is a laser light fury and stoners delight.” [Read More...]
Next Stop, Echoes de Luxe-When The Devil Lies
"Like Queen meets Pearl Jam" [Read More...]
Legal Free Downloads
"LA-based rock band Echoes de Luxe are giving away their newest release, “The NotreMonde Demos” for free." [Read More...]
The Ride-Echoes de Luxe
"These guys came to us asking to check out their music and boy, was I not disappointed!" [Read More...]
Echoes de Luxe: The Ride : Insomnia Radio: Indie Music Network
Some retro sounding 70s influenced Rock on the Daily Dose today. Best of all, the album The NotreMonde Demos by Los Angeles' Echoes de Luxe is availab.
Los Angeles Band, SOCADIA, Celebrates Their “[trees for the forest ...
Socadia is sharing the stage during the event, with some of Los Angeles' hottest emerging bands - Echoes de Luxe, Siren's Eye, FireBug and The Megasoul Connector - creating a sort of one-stop-shop for industry insiders on the prowl. ...
Tonight: QUEEN KWONG DANTE VS ZOMBIES ECHOES DE LUXE @ Bootleg Theater. QUEEN KWONG Queen Kwong is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and award winning cat handler (sort of) Carré Callaway, who was discovered at ...
ZERO HOUR: Last Night at Tony's
Thank you to Echoes De Luxe for an amazing acoustic set! Unfortunately we were unable to capture it in the archive but they have promised to come back next month. Mangina Jess was there to digitally capture the magic of Zero Hour at ...
MODEL CITIZEN: Echoes de Luxe
Echoes de Luxe is the kind of band you want to hang out with. Comprised of Rick Swan, Brahm Bourque, Justin K. Smith and Matt Lesser, EDL is band of East coast friendly misfits with enough style sense to make you feel, well, in-superior. Aww. Well, that’s what bands do – give us non-musicians something to strive for, so you can’t blame them. I sat down with lead singer Rick Swan to talk fashion, mustaches and Jaws. Here you go. [Read More...]
XDL in July '09 Maxim
Echoes de Luxe- "The Price of Love"

"They're a local L.A. band who make roll to the beach, buy-the-groceries music sound sexy. I do neither of those things." [Read More...]
Episode 10: May 16, 2009 - Podcast - LAGenX
Discussed the demise of the hair bands, kids being over-medicated, and Ann Coulter flashing her vajayjay to Geraldo Rivera. Featured the band Echoes de Luxe in Soundcheck. They're groovy. Check them out at ...
Echoes de Luxe Tonight at El Cid
If you’re looking for something to do on a Monday night, I highly recommend that you check out LA-based retro future rockers Echoes de Luxe tonight at El Cid. Echoes de Luxe finished their debut EP in late 2008. ...
(((XDL))) on Radio Orphans Podcast
[Thanks to Radio Orphans for spinning "Astronaut" on their latest podcast...]

"Radio Orphans weekly music podcast is dedicated to bringing you original independent music from around the world. Each episode is hosted by Jaw Knee and Finneaus of the Radio Orphans."