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What does the band name mean?

Whatever you want it to.  But if you put a gun to our head, we would tell you that "Echoes" represents all the music that has inspired us throughout the years and "de Luxe"  refers to our writing style, which we work hard to make as layered, rich, and captivating as we can.  Dig a little deeper and we may talk about how the band name reflects our musical philosophy and how we are trying to tap into a time in rock music where creativity was king and boundaries did not exist. 

Why is the word "de Luxe" separated in your band name?

We do that to distract you from the common commercial use for 'deluxe', which is designed to make you pay extra $$$ for the same product with shinier knobs on it. 

Where/when did the band start?

okay, deep breath.....Echoes de Luxe FIRST got its start in Portland Maine in late 2004.  Richard was offered a gig at the newly opened Roxy but had no band to perform his songs with.  He quickly recruited two local musicians, including current bassist Brahm Bourque, to learn the material.  The inaugural show was a huge success and they set to work on recording demos.  Originally Richard was going to move to LA and start a new band, but after another rousing local show and great response to the music, the trio moved to LA two months after forming.  The wild momentum that propelled them to make their cross country journey was soon replaced with dark times....The band played a handful of shows upon making it to LA, but soon parted ways with their original drummer and took a hiatus.  Richard picked up a slot as a gigging guitar player for his friend's band, and he and Brahm would get together and work on song ideas in their spare time.  They spent a great many months auditioning drummers and guitar players for the group until they re-connected with former try-out and multi-instrumentalist Justin K. Smith.  Drummer Dickie Chapin came aboard soon after.  Dickie was able to record the drums for their debut EP before hanging up his sticks for good, and they quickly found drumming phenom Matt Lesser through a Craigslist ad.  He learned the material in a week and they began writing and performing.  The rest is history in the making....

What's with #notremonde?

"Notre monde" is French for "our world."  The concept came about as a way for people to gain insight into our creative process and add another layer to the "Echoes de Luxe Experience."  We want to use social sites like Twitter and Facebook, but don't want to jam it with the trivial nonsense that seems to be the trend.  To us, what we're buying at the grocery store or what our favorite color is has nothing to do with our art.  Instead we post pictures we've taken around our 'hood, news clips, music, art, photography, videos, etc etc.  As it states on our #NotreMonde blog:
    "A collection of images, sounds, and the miscellaneous.  All the things that inspire us to create our music, waste our precious time, and more"

Ideally people will be inspired by our posts to create something themselves or simply look at things in a different way, from a different point of view. ("a different point of view??"  -LS) 

So if you follow us on Twitter, and you see a post tagged with #notremonde, follow the link.  And if you're really daring, send us an email about joining our street team and get in on the mission.