We Giveth, and We Taketh (ourselves) Away

After this past string of local shows, we will be going away for a little while.  We'll be holing ourselves up in the studio, finishing new songs and revamping our live show.  We've always had the desire to bring in added elements to our set, and have been designing a portable lighting rig to bring to shows.  We'll be unveiling it at an as-yet unannounced venue, so stay tuned. 

In other news, we have decided to make our eponymous debut EP available for free download.  Just clickity-clack on the album cover below and you'll be directed to our Bandcamp site.  Of course, if you haven't downloaded the NotreMonde Demos (our latest release), that's free too.  What can we say-we're givers.

See you in a few weeks....