Big Announcement

We have decided to start a new project, to debut in Spring of 2014

Thanks for all the support and love you have given Echoes de Luxe through the years!

We are already writing new songs for our as-yet-unnamed new band.  Can't wait to share them with you.


rick and brahm


Final Show as Echoes de Luxe


s-a-t-u-r-d-a-y night

our first LA show after tour is this saturday at the satellite.

rsvp on the facebook event page for $5 discount admission.


you're the best

thanks to everyone who made our east coast jaunt so special.  

we had a great time with shows, friends, and family

now we're back in LA to finish new recordings, videos, and prep for our next tour.  

as ever, follow us on twitter @echoesdeluxe and facebook /echoesdeluxe for exclusive downloads and news announcements

summer of dreams

Not long now til we head east and play some shows for friends and fans back in our old stomping grounds.  

east coast tour

good morning

we'll have a couple new songs to debut for you shortly.  self-produced and all that, and definitely different than what you've heard from us before.  

also, to our east coast fans/friends-we're adding dates to our August tour.  we'll be starting in NYC and heading north.  rehearsals are going well and we are excited to get back

what're you doin

we're putting together recordings of some of our new songs for you guys.  

watch this space for the chance to download free versions, and like us on Facebook for instant notifications.  

Standing On Heads

what's up boys and girls?

"it's been a long time since we rapped at ya" but we want you to know it's not your fault.  it's not your's not your fault

we've just been tucked away in our little corner of the world writing the songs that will be on the next release.  we are going in with zero rules, a ton of ideas, and absolutely no idea what will come out the other side.  so far you can expect some wildly different stuff from what you've heard, along with some very familiar 'echoes' themes.  

we're excited and we're having fun, which after all is what this is all about.  



bday show

hey party people,

We just booked a gig at The Satellite this Saturday.  Happens to be the day before Rick's birthday on the 31st.

not sure what kind of shenanigans are going down, but there's no better way to celebrate than by playing a show.

come down, enjoy the show, have a drink with us.





Thanks to everyone for making our first show of the year so great

It was wonderful to look out and see all of you showing support.  We had a great time and especially enjoyed playing the new tunes.  Gold star goes to Brahm for soldiering on despite the hideously awful flu he caught.  Bravo.

Today I'm going to head into the studio and keep working on the new songs.  We've got a lot in the works and are eager to get them finished ahead of our next gig....

Thanks also to Light FM and Black HiLighter.  Wonderful people, all.  

see you soon



Smarch 14

Join us for our first show of the year at The Satellite in LA.  Presented by Moheak Radio for their "LA x LA" series.  

We're playing with the wonderful Light FM and Halfbluud.  

Come hear some new jams-we're thrilled to play them for the first time.  

Wright Brothers


This year is fixin to fly us by, and we want to make the most of it.  We're thinking of getting back on stage in March so we're working hard on new material for our live set.   Once we demo some tracks we'll make them available to our newsletter subscribers.  Our goal is to hit the road this summer.  The hunt for the perfect road warrior van is on.  If you see something that looks like it could smuggle musicians across borders, hit us up.  

Buy Cruelty-Free!

Hear our track 'Hold On' in Dave Navarro's latest video for PETA, speaking out against animal testing in beauty products.  We're animal lovers and have been longtime supporters of this cause.  Do your part and only buy cruelty-free makeup and beauty products!

Check out the full piece on PETA's website HERE

Get the song at

hootie hoo

Happy New Year, everyone!

We are looking forward to a year of tours, new music, and go karts.  

Hope you find what you're looking for


-echoes de luxe

Longest Night

The winter solstice is just a couple weeks away.  Our ode to this special time of year is available as a free download right here.  

Enjoy and Happy Holidays from Echoes de Luxe


What's up gang

as we look ahead to the end of the year we want to send a big sloppy thank you to everyone who has made this year so special.  All the fans new and old, our friends and supporters and all the bands we've played with

We're not taking a break any time soon.  in fact we've been writing feverishly with wild abandon.  Lots of new ideas bouncing around in the studio, and we are having as much fun as we can.  

thanks everyone   Protect ya neck


Nov 9 @ El Cid

Today is the day

Good Morning Everyone 

Today we release our new album, the 'Hold On' EP.  

Available in both digital and CD formats for $4 at and other online music retailers.

We couldn't have made it without your support, inspiration, and contributions.  Thank you all.

Tomorrow night we hold our record release party at the Silverlake Lounge with some very special friends.  We hope all of you in the SoCal area can join us in the celebration.

Thanks everyone, we hope you enjoy the record!


Pre-Order + Exclusive Remix // HOLD ON EP

Greetings everyone,


We are excited to announce the release of our new record, the 'Hold On' EP, on October 16.

$4 Pre-Orders are available NOW at and come with an immediate download of "The Ride" and an exclusive remix by Big Black Delta.


This release includes songs recorded with producer Dave Kushner, as well as the self-produced material we tracked in the Pilgrim Church in Silverlake.  We've worked hard on these for a long time now, and are thrilled to finally share them with you all.

We will be announcing the details of our Record Release show, set for October 17 at the Silverlake Lounge


Today we get back in the rehearsal studio and knock the rust off after weeks of recording.  The new songs are sounding great, and we're putting everything together to make this release something special.  

This Moheak sponsored show will be our last before our record release party in October

real close

we wrapped on all the vocals yesterday for the new songs-just gonna sit with the mixes for a minute


We are encouraging everyone to send in band-related questions for us to answer in our next video blog installment.

If you happened to have seen our first one, you'll know we did a pretty crap job of it.  We promise to get to more than just one question this time....

There's many ways to send us your questions:



Blow Some Shit UP

"Celebrate the indepence of your nation by blowing up a small part of it"

Words to live by today....and we hope you do so in a safe and groovy manner.

If you caught our announcements yesterday, we have debuted the music video for "The Ride" from our upcoming EP.  

We enlisted the talents of our friends at 5sf to direct and shoot it, and muse and 5sf'er Kelsey Gunn to star in it.  Keen observers may also recognize a certain member of Feast of Fetus playing a shadowy role....

Happy 4th of July

Sat July 7

Looking forward to our next gig at The Satellite, y'all.  

Show Tonight

Hey kids....Tonight we're playing at The Viper Room supporting our friends Battletapes for their record release party.  RSVP HERE for discount admission.